How Much Can Uprise Health EAP Add to Your Organization?

Improved Employee Productivity Offers Powerful Cost Savings

Disengaged and troubled employees cost an organization. Higher stress, more distractions, increased burnout… all of these boil down to lower performance and productivity. A comprehensive and successful EAP, especially one with comprehensive mental health support, help support and employee – addressing work-life and mental health needs to improve engagement and performance.

Our calculator demonstrates cost savings and the return on investment that businesses can attain from implementing an EAP solution to their organization. ROI can be difficult for an EAP because of all the various factors involved (productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, employee turnover, short-term disability just to name a few). This offers a great start by conservatively estimating ROI based on the cost savings of improving employee productivity.

*calculation estimates medium utilization and average cost of employee benefits according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics study

How Does this Calculator Work?

This ROI calculator is aimed at providing general guidance. Your actual ROI will vary based on utilization, pricing, and circumstances. In order to make the calculator as effective and accurate as possible, we:

  • Conservatively estimate the number of troubled employees at 25%.
  • Include utilization and research-based numbers on how many people at a workforce contact their EAP on average, how many people follow through on their EAP requests, and how many people meet their intended goals.
  • Use research-based averages on the amount of lost productivity employees have when they do not have EAP resources available versus when they do have EAP resources available.
  • Base the cost of an EAP on Uprise Health averages depending on number of employees. Actual cost of EAP will differ from calculated numbers based on customization and personalization of EAP services.

Download Sample Calculator Results

Tailor EAP Benefits to Your Needs

If you want more detailed analysis of the effectiveness of Uprise Health EAP, cost savings, or pricing and packages available of Uprise Health EAP, please contact our sales team. We’d love to answer all your questions and tailor this ROI calculation to your specific company and needs.

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