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Uprise Health offers:
  • Comprehensive EAP solutions and services to help people live happier, healthier lives
  • Easier access to care
  • Mental health solutions designed to fit your needs
  • Whole person care for members at different stages of their care journey
  • An effective and clinically-validated mix of digital and in-person care

Mental health and work-life issues often go ignored and untreated, posing significant implications for overall wellbeing and healthcare costs.

34 Percent Health Circle
More than one third of productivity loss is due to employees with coexisting behavioral and mental health disorders.
40 Percent Health Circle
People with depression are 40% more likely to develop cardiovascular or metabolic diseases.
20 Percent Health Circle
Nearly 20% of healthcare spending could be reduced by coordinated treatment of medical and behavioral health services.

“Mental Health by the Numbers.” National Alliance of Mental Health, Mar. 2021

See our digitally-enabled EAP and care solutions and services.

A full spectrum of care with everything from self-guided courses to full concierge services

Mobile app designed to keep you engaged and actively monitor your wellbeing
Courses and tips to help reduce stress and keep you healthy
Uprise Health Home Screen
Chat to immediately address your needs
24/7 phone access for personalized service, financial counseling, legal advisors, and more
One of the largest networks of community-based therapists available in-person and through telehealth
On-demand coaching sessions
Coordinated access to all medical services
Prescription management and substance abuse assistance
Chronic condition management
Short-term and long-term hospitalization coordination
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Well members Members with complex health issues