Solve the most common health challenges at work

The digital mental health and EAP industry is becoming increasingly complex. There is a consistent flow of new services aimed at helping employees feel healthy and productive, while reducing healthcare costs for employers.

Although the services landscape is flourishing, challenges behind the scenes at workplaces still frequently remain unaddressed.

This ebook serves as a guide for leaders who are ready to find solutions to these common challenges. Each workplace challenge is connected to an innovation from Uprise Health that has been expertly designed and validated among workplace populations.

Learn more about these common challenges and effective solutions to overcome them.

  1. Barriers to care access
  2. Rigid care solutions
  3. Untreated comorbidities (two or more medical conditions)
  4. Quality assurance questions
  5. Lack of evidence
  6. Impersonal approach
  7. Low utilization
  8. Poor or missing data

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