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Benefits Broker Guide

How to Help HR Meet Heightened
Employee Benefit Demands

HR loyalty to their current benefits broker isn’t rock solid. 53% of HR leaders say they are “somewhat likely,” “very likely,” or “completely likely” to change their current benefits professional in the next year.

What can benefits professionals do to shore up those relationships?

Use Insights from HR

In May 2022, Uprise Health commissioned a study with market research firm Researchscape International. The survey involved 543 U.S. based HR leaders—professionals with a title of manager or above.

Establish a Deeper Relationship as a Benefits Professional

With insights directly from HR professionals, we have created a guide that helps brokers step up and be a true partner to employers.

The guide covers:

  • Why HR is considering changing their benefits broker
  • What HR is struggling with most in terms of choosing benefits
  • What HR considers top pain points for employers
  • Why a traditional benefits approach isn’t cutting it
  • How brokers can differentiate themselves in the field