Author: Ray Goforth, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Happy New Year to everyone. We hope 2023 holds incredible, powerful, and healthy changes for all of us. The teams at Uprise Health have been hard at work creating a strategy and a calendar to accomplish even more this year than we did in 2022. Our Q1 2023 campaign, “New Year, New You, New Us,” really exemplifies how we are partnering internally and with our clients and leaders in the industry to deliver truly powerful results.

New Mission Statement

Uprise Health recently created a mission statement that we feel clearly describes the core identity of our company and provides a guide for our employee culture, so we are all aligned with a strong purpose.

“Uprise Health is a technology-enabled services company that provides population health management solutions to connect our members and their families more effectively with timely and convenient access to digital health tools, clinical services, and work-life experts. We are committed to helping our members and their organizations thrive.”

Brand Refresh

Uprise Health is a member-centric organization that has made member experience a priority in 2022 and throughout 2023. Excellent member experience is crucial to success—it means positive experiences, better wellbeing outcomes, higher engagement, improved cost savings for client, and truly happier members. As part of this focus, we have worked hard to create a new look and feel that is more aligned with our member-centric approach and our promise to empower members to be their best selves.

Starting in late January, you will see this new brand design rolling out throughout all our materials: on our websites, in member resources, and across digital and print materials. The update in colors, personalization of design, and overall warmth is dedicated to helping our members feel like their best selves.

Continued Industry Experience and Thought Leadership

Although our look is being updated, we are committed to remaining the powerful industry experts that we have been for over 30 years. We bring together experts from a wide range of inter-connected population health industries including managed behavioral health, chronic condition management, EAP, and substance use support. Our experienced clinicians have a 22-year average tenure working at Uprise Health, and our longstanding partnerships average over 6 years. We also have a world-class NPS score, which averages well above 60 month after month. We have been helping people be their best for over 30 years, and we are committed to continue that support.

Enhanced Member and Client Support

We have brand new educational materials, EAP and chronic health support, and member engagement campaigns that we are launching now and throughout the rest of the year. Although we have a wealth of resources and tools from our decades of experience in behavioral health, chronic care, EAP, and wellbeing, we strive every day to keep up-to-date with industry and member needs. As a sneak peak, here are just some of the materials that are being released: substance use disorder support kit, recession toolkit, new care navigation processes, quarterly member engagement support for HR, and substantial personalized resource development for higher education students and faculty.

If you are interested in learning more about who we are and how we help leaders improve the health and wellbeing of their organizations, contact us today.