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Most of us feel too busy to even think about taking time out to relax. But the reality is that regular relaxation is crucial-if we don’t stop regularly to “refuel,” we risk emotional and physical burnout. Even a small investment of 5-10 minutes a day can have a huge return. This interactive workshop will include demonstrations of relaxation techniques that provide immediate as well as long-term benefits. We’ll also learn how to detect burnout “triggers” and discover ways to regain a sense of balance and motivation. We’ll leave feeling recharged and better able to tackle daily demands.

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Kody Ramler, LCSW

Kody Ramler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently operating a private practice in Montana. With advanced training in trauma treatment modalities, she specializes in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, assisting them in processing their experiences and reducing psychological stress.  She also works with people suffering from depression, anxiety, and life transitions to help them increase their understanding, perspectives, and emotional regulation skills that will ultimately improve their overall well-being.

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