Uprise Health Improves Engagement and Manager Support Ratings in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Case Study

Solenis is a manufacturing company specializing in chemical, process, and water solutions. They have been providing people, experience and technology driven solutions for over 100 years. They have complex divisions within their company that include in-office positions as well as fully remote roles in consulting, sales, and logistics.

Solenis Chose Uprise Health

Solenis chose Uprise Health to address these challenges in part because our digitally enabled EAP has been shown to reduce the stigma associated with accessing mental health support. The Uprise Health program was rolled out to a division of their company, and they were pleased to find that 24% of employees signed up to the Uprise Health program.

Outcome Highlights

  • 35% improvement in engagement
  • 6x more utilization of digitally enabled EAP
  • Ratings of manager support increased from 5.8 to 8 out of 10, on average
  • Wellbeing scores improved from 37 to 68 out of 100, on average

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