Chronic condition management

Proactive care delivering positive outcomes

Through proactive outreach to at-risk members, our nursing teams develop personalized care plans to treat chronic conditions at all stages.

Our robust ecosystem of available chronic condition and mental health resources empower members to become happier and healthier.

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Our HMC HealthWorks chronic condition management solution has been delivering improved health outcomes and positive ROI since 1976.
Chronic condition management

Due to chronic conditions, 26% of the population accounts for 65% of total healthcare spending

About 50% of Americans have at least one chronic condition. To compound the problem, 45% of people with a chronic condition also have a behavioral health issue.

Uprise Health addresses members’ physical and mental conditions for optimal patient outcomes and lower healthcare spend.

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Personalized care plans designed to help manage people, not their conditions

Using deep analytics and data, we are able to identify members at all risk levels for chronic conditions. Our approach is to understand the individual, their work, their world, and any social determinants.

We then establish an action plan to provide education and support that members utilize to not only improve their condition, but also improve their overall health status, resiliency, and sense of wellbeing.

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Successful engagement yields ROI and better health outcomes

Our nurse health advocates and health coaches are trained in behavior change methodology. The result? Higher rates of engagement and program participation. We partner with each client to develop comprehensive consistent messaging through communications, aligned incentives, and leadership support.

Our chronic care management program averages a return on investment of 3.8 to 1. We utilize an industry standard – Population Health Alliance (formerly Care Continuum Alliance and DMAA) methodology for measurement.

Chronic condition management data analytics

Robust data and analytics to track program success

We conduct analytics, predictive modeling, and outcomes reporting that targets the right individuals, identifies gaps in care, and measures program performance. Comorbidity stratification enables our clinical teams to identify, target, and act on individuals with common chronic comorbidity clusters (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease).

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