Solutions for the Public Sector

Uprise Health has extensive experience working with public sector organizations. We have a deep understanding of first responders, public safety, municipal, transit, city, county, and state workers to support access to care in diverse workplace settings.
Clinical provider

Clinical expertise with a personal touch for the public sector.

Uprise Health offers high-quality mental health solutions built on a robust, clinically-driven platform—providing multi-modal access to care (via face-to-face, phone, online and chat). Access to highly engaging, self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs tailored to the unique needs of members based on accurate clinical assessments.

Uprise Health has extensive experience working with first responders.

We are empathetic to the challenges faced by fire, sheriff, 911, police and first responders. Just as they support our communities, Uprise Health can support them with mental health challenges to help maintain a healthy balance at work and home. We provide access to resources and providers that specialize in trauma informed care and PTSD.

Woman in wheelchair with healthcare worker

Extended support services for critical incidents.

Uprise Health provides worksite crisis response to ensure rapid onsite or near-site support following a worksite crisis, including outreach and consultations from our staff of clinicians for support after a crisis, planning for necessary employee and public communications, coordinating debriefing activities, and post-incident support.

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National coverage with local expertise.

Accessibility is important, especially in suburban and rural areas. We have a network of over 60K credentialed providers and will ensure access to sessions as mandated by state legislation. Uprise Health provides Knox-Keene Act-regulated services through its affiliate Claremont EAP, which is licensed as an EAP plan with the California Department of Managed Health Care.

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