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Innovative care for all

Uprise Health provides innovative, digitally-enabled tools and effective solutions for employee assistance, mental health, chronic condition management, and managed behavioral health.

With a focus on positive outcomes through clinically validated methods and digital tools, we help today’s diverse workplace thrive by improving the lives of their employees and families.

Our history

IBH’s history has been one of innovation and modernization. Founded in 1988 as a behavioral health organization focused on providing timely and quality services, IBH quickly emerged as a trusted behavioral health consultant to large corporations across the nation.
Our initial foray into providing carved-out behavioral health services for employees was with Compaq Computers. Within the first year, we saved the company $9 million, beginning a 30-year journey that now includes the delivery of wide spectrum of behavioral health services.
Over the next decade, we saw firsthand the important role that EAPs had in helping employees. In tandem, we came to appreciate the importance of integrated EAP and behavioral health services in improving employee quality of life, especially for those with more complex behavioral health issues.
Now, Uprise Health provides innovative, digitally-enabled tools and effective solutions for employee assistance, mental health, chronic condition management, and managed behavioral health.
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1988 Today

Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP Providers, Behavioral & Mental Health Companies, Behavioral Health Access & Treatment and Addiction Treatment

As a clinically focused company with the local emphasis and attention of a boutique firm with the breadth and scope of a national company, Uprise Health partners with employers, health plans, government, state and cities, and labor unions to provide tailored behavioral health solutions with high quality clinical care, uncompromising service to members, providers and clients with outcomes driven, cost effective care plans.

Covering over 8 million lives

With more than 33 years of experience in behavioral health, Uprise Health understands the changing mental health landscape and the growing need to provide easily accessible services.

We have solutions for any size organization in any industry, including employers, health plans, carriers, education, public sector, and labor unions and trusts.

Technology-Driven Care with a Human Touch
Anytime, anywhere access to on-demand digital health and coaching that is built on evidence-based technology. Personalized, clinical care delivers a blend of mental health practices, mindfulness, and positive psychology.
Evidence-Based Clinical Methodology
To build long-term success, we focus on prevention and positive behavior change. By personalizing care plans and considering their ecosystem of available resources, we care for the individual person and not just their condition.
National Coverage, Local Expertise
Uprise Health has been providing EAP and Behavioral Health services for over 33 years through our network of credentialed providers. Our mission is to ensure access to superior care for members and dependents when and where they need it.

Leadership Team

Peter Strimaitis

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Dexter Chief People Officer at Uprise Health
Melissa Dexter

Chief People Officer

Toby Davis Chief Financial Officer at Uprise Health
Toby Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Debra Fowler

SVP of Product Management

Board of Directors

Joel Portice
Joel Portice

Chairman of the Board

Steve Jarmel
Steve Jarmel

Board Member

Ed Bosanac
Ed Bosanac

Board Member

John Findlay
John Findlay

Board Member

Here's how we can help

Digitally-enabled EAP
On-demand, technology driven solutions for members through their entire mental health and work-life journey.
Coaching and counseling
Our unique approach with digital engagement eliminates the stigma often tied to seeking help.
Chronic condition management
Predictive modeling capabilities and outcomes reporting proactively identifies at-risk members.
Managed behavioral health
Helping ensure employees are productive, happy, and healthy is crucial to any organization's success.

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