Solutions for Employers and the Workplace

As a leader in mental health for more than 33 years, Uprise Health provides innovative, technology-based tools and robust, holistic solutions that support the whole person by addressing mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social health.
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A full suite of mental health and work-life services

By implementing our digitally enabled EAP, mental health and work-life services, we can help develop an organizational culture of wellbeing and keep your population upstream of costly mental health challenges—resulting in a safer, more present, and productive workforce.

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Innovative technology-based solutions deliver value

We have the flexibility to offer standalone or integrated programs—all delivered within the highest standards of quality and timeliness. Unlike many other solutions offered in the marketplace, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach to service delivery. Instead, we will tailor our programs to address your specific goals and the unique needs of today’s diverse workplace.

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Clinical expertise with a personal touch

Uprise Health offers employers tailored and high-quality mental health solutions built on a robust, clinically-driven platform—providing multi-modal access to care (via face-to-face, phone, video, and asynchronous chat). Access to highly engaging, self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs tailored to unique needs of members based on an accurate clinical assessment.

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Robust reporting and data analytics measure success

Broad and on-demand analytics to measure engagement and program outcomes to assess the effectiveness of the program that is agile to respond to mental health trends among employee population.

Solutions for Employers and the Workplace

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