February is American Heart Month, a time when Uprise Health raises awareness of the tie between mental health issues and heart disease. In the weeks leading up to American Heart Month, we spoke with four of our clinical and coaching team members as part of our Connecting to Care Changes Lives Series.

Our clinicians and mental health coaches are the heartbeat of Uprise Health. They connect and provide our members with impactful EAP, chronic care, and mental health management services that focus on the powerful link between mind and body.

Uprise Health has invested heavily in our people and solutions that will better address a broader, more complex set of mental health needs. Together, our mental health solutions care for the whole person and focus on how physical and mental disorders overlap. Our clinicians’ and coaches’ treatment and care are personalized, compassionate, well-coordinated, and timely. Our clinically validated technology also provides additional tools for our members’ wellbeing.

In this featured series, our clinicians and mental health coaches discuss their roles, skills, passions, and how they shape our members’ wellbeing by placing an emphasis on mental health since it is the root of how we all think, feel, and act.

5 Things You Should Know About Mental Health Coaches and Clinicians

Dr. Darryl Huels, Clinical Team Manager– Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide a unique service that fills a major gap in the mental health field. Our digitally-enabled EAP provide mental health solutions and services to individuals and families who may not qualify for more traditional mental health benefits. Many mental health benefits do not cover issues like financial, legal, childcare, marriage, and eldercare problems, where Uprise Health’s EAP does. We treat the whole human being and are acutely aware of, and attempt to assist in, helping people with other issues that affect their mental health outside of a traditional mental health diagnosis. Darryl shares his insights and offers resources to help us identify and find solutions to navigate daily life challenges, so they don’t become complex problems.

Nurse Pedro Gago Discusses Chronic Disease Management

Pedro Gago, Nurse Team Leader– A focus on mental health care is fundamental to the approach Nurse Pedro Gago relies on to help his members successfully manage and improve a chronic disease. His attention to mental health during his initial member screening and throughout the chronic condition management program sometimes identifies mental health issues that would otherwise go unnoticed and untreated and could get in the way of a member properly managing their disease. His screening, support, and education improve health outcomes and are a hallmark of the way Uprise Health cares for our members.

An Inside Look at Behavioral Health Coaching for Chronic Conditions

Maribel Alvarez-Vargas, Registered Nurse & Diabetes Educator– With a diagnosis of a chronic disease like diabetes, our doctors focus on the physical aspects of the disease like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, heart, kidneys, and eyes. Maribel shares her insights about how the medical community often does not focus enough on the impact that the diagnosis and chronic condition may have on our mental health. As a leader in diabetes management and education, Maribel along with her clinical colleagues at Uprise Health are building a blueprint for how members managing a chronic disease like diabetes need mental health support to navigate the psychological, social, cultural, and employment issues that arise in individuals with chronic conditions.

Changing Lifestyles and Lives with Health and Wellness Coaching

Beth Rockoff, Certified Health & Wellness Coach– Changing our behavior is hard, and most people do not know how to do it successfully. Even with a desire to get healthy, many people still fail. Beth shares her insights, processes, and strategies about health coaching as the solution for behavioral changes that will improve our physical and mental health. Beth’s integrated careputs the member in control as the active participant setting goals, coordinating an action plan, and overcoming obstacles. Her coaching methods achieve the best outcomes because she focuses onthe member as an active collaborator for their health and wellbeing instead of passive participant.

Uprise Health is dedicated to finding innovative and effective ways to support whole-person care. We offer a full spectrum of mental health and digitally-enabled EAP solutions to help diverse populations thrive. We’re proud of our digital tools but understand how important personalized clinical care and health coaching is in the support and success of our members. We’re proud of our clinicians and mental health coaches, and we hope you have enjoyed getting to know a few of them. If you’re interested, learn more about Uprise Health’s digital mental health solutions and services.