Managed behavioral health

Easy & convenient access to a full range of behavioral health services

Individuals with mental and substance abuse issues can make up over 20% of the workforce and account for up to 50% of health care dollars spent as well as 36% of productivity loss.

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Unlock access to a full range of services providing
the needed support to individuals with mental
health and substance abuse issues.
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Personalized service delivers the best care

Let Uprise Health be your trusted partner in managing rising healthcare costs and ensuring that your members receive the most effective, highest quality behavioral health care in the most appropriate environment.

Members receive direct access to clinical and operational leadership including a dedicated account executive who is always available to provide guidance and problem-solving.

Clinical provider

Quality focus and clinical expertise

Our board-certified psychiatrists and licensed clinical care managers go above and beyond traditional UM, taking a holistic approach to assessment and ongoing review, and partnering with treating providers for treatment shaping, when appropriate.

We understand that no two organizations are the same and we offer the flexibility required to provide exactly the program that is needed. Our Managed Behavioral Health program provides specialized reporting, options for using our provider network or an external network, options for claims pre-pricing and/or full payment, and client-defined benefit plans.

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Integrated services ensure appropriate transition of care

Each case is assigned to a specific care manager who follows the participant from initial admission to a higher level of care through all step downs. Throughout the process the assigned care manager identifies and addresses any barriers to follow-up, supports compliance with aftercare and better ensures long-term ongoing success.

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