Aspire Health Partners improves assessment, recovery and outcomes while reducing costs with online behavioral health tool the BHI-MV.  

Being the state’s largest provider of behavioral health services requires Aspire Health Partners to balance providing clients with the highest quality of care while implementing cost saving measures.

For 10 years, Aspire Health Partners has been using Inflexxion’s Addiction Severity Index Multimedia Version (ASI-MV®) for client assessments and to help guide treatment planning. When Inflexxion launched the newest addition to its behavioral health product suite, the Behavioral Health Index Multimedia Version (BHI-MV™), Aspire Health Partners implemented this new tool in addition to continuing use of the ASI-MV.

The BHI-MV is an interactive, online behavioral health assessment based on the ASI-MV but with additional questions about tobacco, gambling, military status, and mental health issues such as eating disorders, trauma, self-harm, and violence.

“The use of both Inflexxion’s tools have expedited and enhanced our treatment planning. The clinical reports and access to ‘real-time’ data has proved invaluable,” says Dr. Toal. “The BHI-MV has played a key role in guiding treatment planning and streamlining our clinical workflow. Our use of the BHI-MV helped us improve the quality of care we provide and has made it simpler to measure clients’ outcomes. The tool’s self-administer private interview requires minimal staff time for administration, reduces paperwork, and gives us a consistent standard for assessments.”