A Clinical tool for assessing, tracking, and documenting pain and opioid misuse risk

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Inflexxion, Inc. announced today the release of PainCAS: Clinical Assessment System 3.0, a scientifically validated pain and opioid risk assessment, featuring electronic versions of the widely-used Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain (SOAPP®) and the Current Opioid Misuse Measure (COMM®).

Developed with support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), PainCAS is a web-based, patient self-report clinical tool for assessing pain, functioning, and risk of problematic opioid-related behaviors in patients with chronic pain. Unlike the paper-based SOAPP and COMM that require hand scoring, PainCAS 3.0 includes the new, brief SOAPP-8 and COMM-9, as well as a Pain and Functioning Index (PFI), which are scored and interpreted automatically.

PainCAS Key Features:

  • Offers standardized assessment of pain, functioning, and risk; and evidenced-based problematic opioid-related behavior risk assessments that are quick for patients to complete.
  • Improves workflow by eliminating the need for paper assessments, reducing staff burden related to hand scoring and interpretation of risk assessment, and encourages patients to complete intake/follow up assessments prior to their appointments.
  • Advances clinical outcomes by identifying changes in patient risk status over time, tracking patients’ pain profile in the context of ongoing treatment, and monitoring changes in patient functioning over time.

“The opioid crisis is now a national emergency affecting physicians, prescribers, and patients.  PainCAS offers a pain and opioid risk solution in an effort to improve patient outcomes while addressing this epidemic,” said Bruno Lempernesse, CEO at Inflexxion. “Results from these tools provide clinically relevant information to guide treatment planning and patient reports to increase patient involvement and ownership of their pain management.”

As part of Inflexxion’s data collection tools, PainCAS de-identified data will also be used for the purposes of real world epidemiological analyses to help improve technologies and advancements in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

About Inflexxion

Inflexxion helps healthcare organizations, provider communities, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory authorities to improve patient care and inform public policy.  Through their strategic approach and depth of expertise, Inflexxion analyzes and disseminates health-related data for surveillance, risk management, epidemiological studies, quality improvement, and outcome measurement.  Inflexxion’s unique data collection includes multiple data streams at the point-of-care, Internet Monitoring technology, and web-surveys with hard to reach populations.