IRVINE, Calif. (August 11, 2020) – Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions) (Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc.), a nationwide leader in behavioral and population health, announced its acquisition of Claremont EAP, based in Alameda, CA.

Dan Clark, CEO of Uprise Health shared, “As Uprise Health has grown over the years into one of the larger and most advanced behavioral healthcare companies in the US, it’s been critical to us that we stay laser focused on the nuanced needs of our customers and patients. We understand that healthcare is a local experience and that each customer deserves a partner that recognizes and delivers personalized attention with unwavering attention to quality and customer service. Uprise Health and Claremont were both founded over 30 years ago and share extraordinarily similar values and a patient centered mission. We have had a long-standing respect for both the leaders and the quality of the business that the founders built and are excited about bringing the additional resources and assets of Uprise Health to bear to continue our shared mission of improving access and quality for patients.”

Clark went on to say that “for all intents and purposes, while our companies are coming together, Bay Area customers can expect the  people, service and products they have enjoyed over the years to remain unchanged but also enjoy the broader product and technology suite available vis-a-vi the broader companies portfolio. We’re also thrilled that Uprise Health customers will be able to benefit from the superb, gold standard EAP services that Claremont provides across the state as well as the availability of an enriched EAP benefit that is available through Claremont as a Knox-Keene Licensed plan.”

Tom Farris, President of Claremont EAP said, “Claremont has known the Uprise Health team for many years and is thrilled to be joining such a forward-thinking organization. Uprise Health focus on quality and additional resources, particularly in the area of digital health, is a great fit with Claremont’s hands-on approach to EAP.”

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