As of July 28 Inflexxion, an Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions) will launch a new Behavioral Health Research Panel. This is an important initiative to support research in the area of substance abuse as well as behavioral and mental health. The voices of the populations you serve are critical in understanding underlying factors that drive addiction, high risk behavior, and mental health challenges. Insights are critical to informing prevention and treatment initiatives. This program will allow users to volunteer for future online research studies to further much needed research in this area.

Important things to know about the program:

  • How does this change our workflow?
    • There should be no changes to your internal operations, nothing is required of your staff. The program simply involves adding a panel registration screen just prior to the ASI-MV or BHI-MV assessment. However, awareness of the program may be beneficial for your staff as they may see the registration screen.
  • Will panel participation impact our treatment planning?
    • No, upon panel registration we will wait at least 7 calendar days to send any study invitations as to not interfere with your intake or assessment process.
  • How will my client’s privacy be protected?
    • Patient privacy is very important to Inflexxion and several measures are in place to protect them and their Protected Health Information (PHI).
      • The panel registration information will NOT be linked to their ASI-MV or BHI-MV assessment.
      • The email provided by the panelist at registration will not be used for any purpose outside the research panel activities.
      • Each study will have IRB approval which requires informed consent and written plan to ensure privacy and protection of any PHI.
    • Can we submit research topics of interest?
      • Absolutely! Inflexxion is very open to your interests and ways to collect information to inform understanding of your patient population, emerging trends, or other risk factors to enhance your patient management and outcomes.

We are very excited about this program and appreciate your ongoing utilization of Inflexxion tools. Please contact us with any questions.