Uprise Health is a proud supporter of May Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a time for all of us to prioritize mental health and acknowledge that it’s okay not to be okay. Whether challenges are big, small, or non-existent, let’s join together in our community to raise awareness and support each other.

Most people can name lots of ways to measure physical health. Mental health is harder to define. We know what it’s like to be happy, sad, angry, or content. But how much of any emotions is too much? At what point does joy become frenzy? When does anger turn to rage? How much sorrow does it take to have sadness become depression? The same situation might make two different people feel very different emotions. How we react to our emotions affects our mental health.

Tips for Better Emotional and Physical Balance

Name It
Naming feelings and talking about them and describing emotions is important for mental wellness.

Practice Self-Care
Good sleep, diet and exercise routines are linked to improved mental and physical health.

Start Small
Pick one small thing each week to work on. Add something new and positive, or cut out a bad habit.

Don’t Give Up!
It takes several months for a behavior to become a habit, but for some people it can take longer.

Stay tuned as we continue our series of posts this month. And here’s a link to one of our most popular webinars: It’s Not Selfish, It’s Selfcare.