For those providers prescribing opioids and other pain management medications, has made available 14 medication safety handouts you can print and share with your patients.  These ACTIONSteps are concise, single-sheet handouts to help you teach your patients about managing their medications safely.  Designed to be handed to patients when you write a prescription, the ACTIONsteps help to facilitate the conversation with your patient and serve as a reminder when they return home.

Topics include:

  • How to safely start a new medication
  • How to fill and refill an opioid prescription
  • Facts about opioid medications
  • How to discuss opioids with your healthcare provider
  • Opioid medication and addiction
  • How to take, store and get rid of opioids
  • How to manage opioid side effects
  • How to deal with opioid emergencies
  • Your pain medications: Don’t mix & match
  • How to travel with opioids
  • Your role in managing migraines
  • Acetaminophen: Important Facts
  • Facts about extended-release/long-acting opioid medications
  • Alcohol and extended release opioid medications