PainCAS is an online tool for assessing pain and opioid risk in chronic pain patients, scientifically developed with grants from the National Institutes of Health. PainCAS facilitates a streamlined and consistent patient assessment process, by replacing traditional paper and pencil assessments.

One BIG step towards complete EMR integration

PainCAS is now able to offer automated report delivery capability through a Secure File Transfer Protocol and industry interoperability standard HL7 messages, directly into the patient chart in the EMR.

PainCAS assessments are assigned in the PainCAS system, and patients are able to complete PainCAS assessments at home or in the clinic, as they do today. However, once the assessment is completed by the patient, the assessment report now will be available to clinic staff and the clinicians directly in the patient’s chart without requiring any additional effort from clinic staff.

This new functionality allows your clinic to assess patients systematically without burdening clinical staff with manual downloads and uploads of assessment results into the EMR.

How it works

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