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EAP, Chronic Care Management, and Managed Behavioral Health Programs

Comprehensive Care to Improve Your Organization’s Wellbeing

Learn about our population health management products and find the combination that best fits your organization needs.

EAP Plus

Our EAP Plus an innovative and robust digitally-enabled EAP that incorporates EAP and work-life services with a best-in-class digital platform that features proactive outreach, live care navigator, 24/7 phone access, and whole person care. Your employees can access a full range of mental healthcare and personal support—anytime, anywhere.

Chronic Care Management

The Chronic Care Management Program uses data analytics to identify who needs chronic care management support at an organization, provides aggressive telephonic outreach to 100% of the identified population, and provides personalized care proven to increase wellbeing and cost savings.

Managed Behavioral Health

Our managed behavioral health program can help your organization reduces internal oversight and overall medical benefit cost, ensures every qualified member has access to the resources and care they need, and expands available healthcare providers to include a more complete range of treatment and specialties.