Keeping employees healthy, happy, and productive is a top concern for companies of all sizes. While large corporations may offer shiny, complex benefits packages to attract talent, adding inclusive health benefits doesn’t need to be complicated or cost a lot of money. Small to mid-market enterprises can be even more strategic in their benefits offerings because they have a smaller workforce and can more easily understand which health benefits employees really want. Below, we’ll discuss why a employee wellbeing strategy is a must-have for businesses and how to create one.

How do businesses benefit from an employee wellbeing strategy?

By creating an employee wellbeing strategy, businesses can ensure they’re offering their employees the most effective and inclusive health benefits. Health benefits are a top consideration for employees and job seekers. Offering a benefit that includes support for physical health, mental health, and work-life balance can help attract and retain high-quality employees.

Not only do better benefits lead to happier, more engaged employees, but they also boost morale. In turn, businesses can look forward to lower turnover rates, increased productivity, more job satisfaction, and reduced healthcare claims and costs.

How can small to mid-market enterprises create an employee wellbeing strategy?

There’s no set way that an employee wellbeing strategy should look. A wellbeing strategy can’t be one-size-fits-all for it to be most effective. The whole point is to thoughtfully design a strategy that aligns with the needs of your employees; so, it’s essential to engage employees in the process early on. This will give business leaders valuable insights into what employees want and need and create employee buy-in that will help ensure the program’s success.

There are two key phases to implementing a successful employee wellness program: the preparation phase and the strategy phase. Both stages are important to create an impactful program that supports employee wellbeing now and in the future. To support businesses, we’ve put together a guide to help you define, build, and implement a successful employee wellbeing strategy in your organization.

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