IRVINE, Calif. (December 15, 2020) – Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions) Population Health Solutions (Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc.), a leader in behavioral health, today announced the launch of Freespira, the first FDA-cleared digital therapeutic proven to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of panic attacks, panic disorder, and PTSD by training users to normalize respiratory irregularities.

The foundation of the program is a breakthrough technology, developed by Freespira, Inc., that addresses the underlying physiological cause of panic attacks and PTSD, in only 28 days. The program, is the newest initiative to be launched through Uprise Health Dysruption lab, a corporate incubator to rapidly prototype and deploy new clinically validated advancements in healthcare delivery.

“People suffering from panic attacks often believe they are experiencing a heart attack and these symptoms are extremely difficult and debilitating for them and their loved ones,” said Dan Clark, Uprise Health CEO. “This can lead to increased healthcare spending on emergency rooms, expensive diagnostics, multiple doctor’s visits and medications.  We’re pleased to partner with Freespira to offer their innovative new approach to drive improved clinical and financial outcomes for our customers.”

Uprise Health is the first managed behavioral program in the U.S. with an enhanced, non-drug program that teaches the user how to stabilize their breathing patterns, including how to normalize their exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and respiratory rate. Uprise Health has a full range of innovations in the digital space, and Freespira is another example how Uprise Health is innovating through their Dysruption lab to bring evidence-based solutions that have a direct, positive impact with the quality of care for patients and customers across the US.

“Research has shown there is a physiological component behind panic attacks and PTSD that is not addressed by drugs or therapy – which also often fail to alleviate the symptoms of those who suffer from these conditions,” said Dean Sawyer, CEO of Freespira, Inc.  “Freespira tackles the problem differently by addressing chronic hyperventilation or over-breathing which causes lower than normal CO2 levels and other erratic breathing patterns. We’re excited to work with Uprise Health to bring new hope and new relief to patients and their families.”

Uprise Health has been providing EAP and Behavioral Health services for over 30 years. Their mission is to ensure all clients, ranging in size from small, local employers to national companies, have rapid access to superior care for their employees, members and dependents when and where they need it. Even during these times of uncertainty, Uprise Health and all their associates remain focused on the health and safety for our community and members they serve.

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About Uprise Health

Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions) is a pioneer in managed behavioral health, integrated employee assistance programs and services. It is one of the US’s leading population health management companies, delivering world class EAP, Managed Behavioral Health, Wellness, Data Analytics and Opioid Assessment and Treatment Solutions across the United States. With a focus on positive outcomes through clinically validated methods and tools, Uprise Health reduces claims and costs for organizations while improving the lives of its people. Uprise Health has been providing services for over 30 years and is a Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP, Behavioral Health, and Healthcare Content. The company currently supports over 7 million members, representing 36,000 individual clients, through a credentialed network of over 60,000 providers across the United States.  Visit for additional information.

About Freespira

Freespira, Inc. is the maker of Freespira, the only FDA-cleared digital therapeutic proven to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of panic attacks, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in just 28 days by training users to normalize respiratory irregularities. Health plans, self-insured employers and the Veteran’s Administration use the company’s drug-free solution to improve quality of life, reduce medical spend and support the appropriate use of valuable healthcare resources. Find out how at