IRVINE, Calif. (July 14, 2020) – Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions), a national leader in behavioral health technology and services, announced the launch of its new Provider Clinical Data Analytics technology platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve the quality and outcomes of talk therapy counseling. This program was developed in partnership with Lyssn (, Inc.) and is the newest initiative to come from Uprise Health Dysruption lab, a corporate incubator Uprise Health created to rapidly prototype and deploy new clinically validated advancements in healthcare delivery.

Lyssn creates AI-enabled technology solutions that can examine and support the effectiveness of therapy by offering ongoing feedback and skill development for psychotherapy professionals. Practice variability is high and conformance to evidence-based protocols is particularly difficult to assess in care that is delivered via the spoken word.

“Understanding what is working well at the individual practice level and using technology to glean clinical insight to make care better for all can be transformative to improving outcomes and identifying best practices for a variety of mental health conditions,” said Dan Clark, CEO of Uprise Health. “Technology has the ability to improve access and quality by helping therapists be the best they can be, and that’s exactly what we’re exploring with Lyssn.”

More than 60 million people currently suffer from mental illness or addiction, which equates to one out of every five U.S. residents, and many see a counselor for talk therapy. The Provider Clinical Data Analytics Program combines advanced technologies to extract clinically meaningful information from recorded talk therapy counseling sessions on a HIPAA and FERPA compliant recording system. The platform then translates recordings of conversations into data and uses AI technologies to analyze the interactions and generate metrics to determine if providers are using the best evidence-based practices in their treatments.

By combining the collective knowledge of thousands of therapists across the country, Uprise Health can learn from the work its clinicians are doing with their clients and provide high-quality, performance-based feedback to support Uprise Health providers and in turn, improve the outcomes for patients. All patients and providers who are participating in the program give explicit consent to analyze sessions for the purpose of improving care during the research trial and understand that their information remains completely private, is encrypted, anonymized and secured with military grade, block-chain security measures.

“As the behavioral health crisis continues to rise in the United States, the need for high-quality mental healthcare is evident now more than ever before,” said Dave Atkins, CEO of Lyssn. “At Lyssn, our goal is to use innovative technology to provide clinically meaningful and ongoing feedback to support therapists and help them continuously improve and support patients to the best of their abilities. We believe this can become an important tool to help providers get valuable feedback and training to improve care for all.”
To learn more about Uprise Health, visit To learn more about Lyssn, visit Behavioral health providers have the opportunity to learn more about the program through a webinar on July 17. Email for registration details.

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