Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions) announced today the launch of the industry’s most comprehensive solution to help address the opioid crisis.  Over 11 million people misuse prescription opioids and nearly 50,000 die each year from overdose.  The CDC estimates the economic cost to the United States at approximately $80 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, treatment, and criminal justice involvement. Public awareness has certainty increased, yet more needs to be done, and Uprise Health stands at the forefront for action with its opioid risk management program.

Dan Clark, Uprise Health CEO said, “We feel a deep responsibility to do our part to solve this epidemic. With over 30 years of experience in mental health and substance abuse treatment, a national provider network, and the industry’s most comprehensive substance abuse data analytics and risk assessment tools, we are committed to offering solutions to address the problem.”

Powered by Uprise Health suite of proprietary tools, the program uses patient and claims data to risk stratify potential opioid misuse, allowing for targeted triage to appropriate levels of intervention.  Recommendations for patient-centric, tailored treatment programs are generated, which can be implemented by our clients or through engagement with Uprise Health full service program. Uprise Health offers expansive resources from self-guided educational programs to personalized targeted engagement and coaching.  For members and patients needing additional services to further their recovery,  local, intensified treatment is delivered by Uprise Health 26,000 provider-strong nationwide network.

For more information about the launch of Uprise Health solutions and how your company may benefit, click here.