We are excited to announce that we are hosting our first leadership webinar of 2022 on March 24th at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET. Our quarterly leadership webinar series, Stepping Up to Better Care, is all about how to improve the mental health and wellbeing of an organization from a leadership perspective. The first of this series focuses on what actionable steps an organization can take to improve the mental health support they offer in the face of social, economic, and health volatility.

Volatility Impacting Workplace Mental Health

The past couple of years have not been easy and the changes keep coming. Although COVID-19 numbers are down and experts tend to agree that we are entering a new stage, the pandemic is far from over and will continue to impact mental health and work-life expectations for the foreseeable future.

As a direct result of the pandemic, we are still facing supply chain issues, which has impacted product timelines, workforce conditions, financial instability, and increased prices for consumers.

Although America is no longer struggling with extremely high unemployment rate, we are currently seeing historical rates of voluntary turnover within the workplace. Employees who had paused their job search during the pandemic have picked up the hunt in earnest, and multiple people are taking the opportunity to make a change in their professional because the job market currently favors job seekers. What better time to change jobs than now? That means employers are spending more on hiring and training than they have in a long time.

And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has added another large geopolitical disruption to our growing list. Many businesses are now global and have employees who live or work in Ukraine or a nearby heavily impacted region. Even for organizations without a direct connection, a crisis of this magnitude can weigh heavily on an employee’s mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, many people are worried about larger economic repercussions globally as the price of oil grows, inflation continues to climb, and agricultural commodity disruptions change global food supply and demand.

Experts Weigh in on Mental Health Support During Turbulent Times

In this webinar, three of Uprise Health’s leadership team meet to discuss how leadership can take actionable steps to support their employees, create a healthier workplace, and thrive.

This webinar is a panel discussion featuring:

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Valerian, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Christopher Valerian was an emergency department physician for multiple years before he moved into healthcare management. He has held several senior level positions in a variety of healthcare organizations including Chief Medical Officer of the hospital division of Cigna Health & Life Insurance Co., and as National Medical Director of Uprise Health. At Uprise Health, he focuses on driving clinical accountability and enhancing the analytics capabilities of our mental health platform.

Panel Member: Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer

Melissa Dexter holds a dual JD/MBA degree and has over 25 years of experience in all facets of people operations and human resources including HR infrastructure, talent acquisition, human capital action planning, employment law, cultural transformation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a leader in mental health human resources and digital solutions, she helped build our wellbeing strategy at Uprise Health and speaks regularly as an expert on mental health benefits.

Panel Member: Dr. Jay Spence, Chief Product Officer

Dr. Jay Spence is a registered clinical psychologist with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Psychology focusing on online delivery of psychology treatment. He has 19 publications and has received multiple awards for his research on digital therapeutics. An expert on internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy, Dr. Spence brings with him a wealth of knowledge on mental healthcare and clinically validated treatment.

Join our experts, as they discuss:

  • Major changes within benefits packages, EAP tools, and employee support
  • Steps employers can take to create a healthier workplace
  • How research and outcomes can help us elevate our practices
  • New frameworks within HR and People Ops

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