Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer at Uprise Health, was recently highlighted in a Forbes article that asked key business leaders to give their observations and analysis on how, when, or if ‘The Great Resignation’ will end. The article paints a less than optimistic picture of record level job openings, workforce fluctuations, and permanent changes in the labor market.

In the article, Melissa talks about how leaders can accept the philosophical change about work that has happened as a result of The Great Resignation. According to Melissa, there is no going back. Employees are more aware of their needs and what their employers should be providing. If leaders adopt better mental health solutions, they can provide better support to keep their employees happy and healthy.

Forbes provides additional advice for business leaders on how to adapt to the “seismic shift” caused by the pandemic—listen to your employees and focus on training.

To read more about what key leaders are predicting regarding the Great Resignation, read the Forbes article “Predicting How, When or If ‘The Great Resignation’ Will End.”