Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer at Uprise Health, was recently interviewed by Karen Mangia, VP at Salesforce, for Authority Magazine. The interview was part of a series called “How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work Together,” and in the interview Melissa examines the future of work amidst the “Great Resignation” and how we can future-proof organizations.

As a leader in mental health, digital solutions, and human resources, Melissa is closely engaged with the evolution of work, and how to respond to what employees want and need. In the interview, she covers:

  • How important diversity, acceptance, and informed action will continue to be
  • Why working from home is a source of optimism for the future of work
  • What companies need to do to evolve in a competitive hiring market
  • Her top 5 trends to track in the future of work

Always an inspiration, Melissa ends the interview by giving advice to other women in leadership on how to achieve their dreams and goals. A quote from R.H. Sin lives on the wall of her office to inspire her every day: “Some women fear the fire and some women simply become it.” Read through Melissa Dexter’s experience and advice in her Authority Magazine interview.