How to Combat the Great Resignation and Retain Top Talent

Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer, Uprise Health was featured in a byline article with BeneiftsPro. This feature was a follow up to our recent leadership series where Melissa shared 4 key steps that organization can follow to demonstrate how to the value the incredibly meaningful work employees provide as well as acknowledging that their mental wellness is priority.

  1. Ask difficult questions and treasure honest answers.
  2. Build trust by demonstrating mentally healthy behavior.
  3. Give your initiatives boundaries and structure.
  4. Think of the total person.

By considering what cultural backgrounds exist within your team, as well as the physical relationship with mental health, there are many opportunities to get creative with your wellbeing initiatives and strategy. Wellbeing strategy should have elements that strengthen each individual and team’s ability to connect with others, stay active, keep learning, be aware and help others.