Providing Benefits that Deliver

Employee needs are changing, and leading companies are stepping up to provide more comprehensive and effective employee benefits.

65% of HR leaders say that mental health and wellness are the top nontraditional benefits for employees.

Uprise Health is joined by The Ōnin Group, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., and broker Necole Grevers, CPA, CPBS, from Insurance Office of America, to discuss why Ōnin invested heavily into a more comprehensive wellbeing offering and how it paid off.

HR and Benefits trailblazers discuss:

Why the standard set of employee benefits isn’t cutting it.
How organizations can adopt or improve EAP and mental health offerings.
How they work together to make their benefits and workplace culture shine.
How to move from traditional EAP to digitally-enabled EAP.
What results Ōnin saw from upgrading their offerings.