Based on a recent study, our team has published an article in “Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research” titled, “Development and validation of the post-operative recovery index for measuring quality of recovery after surgery.” For access to the full text, click here.

Purpose: Current methods used to quantify aspects of recovery after surgery and anesthesia tend to be narrowly focused, not patient-rated, or have not been appropriately validated. We set out to develop a quality of recovery score system that is self-report and multi-dimensional, with applicability across various surgeries and surgical settings, from immediately post-surgery through discharge and covering the first 30 days of recovery. Methods: A Post-operative Recovery Index (PoRI) was validated on 225 patients (NValidation=96; NCross Validation=129) who had undergone a surgical procedure within the last 30 days. Domain level internal consistency on the validation and cross validation samples yielded coefficients ranging from α=0.813 to α=0.932, while test-retest reliability yielded stability coefficients ranging from r=0.660 to r=0.881.


Symptom measurement; Post-operative recovery; Quality of life

To obtain the full text, click here.