IRVINE, Calif. (September 24, 2020) – Uprise Health (formerly IBH Solutions), a leader in behavioral health, today announced it is expanding its services to help families with a new online Parenting Peer Support Group and by expanding its Caregiver Plus program to include family care options. These enhancements to Uprise Health employee assistance programs (EAPs) are available now to help members as they are managing challenges with the school and work dynamics resulting from the pandemic, and every day moving forward.

“As employees face the new reality imposed by COVID-19, we have become keenly aware of the additional stressors this has placed on the family unit, “ said Dan Clark Uprise Health CEO. “Balancing working from home full-time while also helping children who are also having to adapt to a new way of learning on-line can be extremely difficult and burdensome for parents and guardians who want to give the best for both their work and their families. Uprise Health worked with Papa to develop a program designed to support parents and guardians, relieving some of the pressure without having to compromise work or the child’s educational success. We believe this new program will be attractive for employers who have expressed a desire to help support the employees working from home, and in turn assure great employee engagement and productivity in the process.”

These exciting innovations are brought to the market by Uprise Health, the nation’s first and only EAP with an enhanced Caregiver program that covers the multi-generational service spectrum. From young children to the elder population, the Caregiver Plus program pairs trained college students, referred to as “Pals,” with families to help with childcare and eldercare. Pal-guided tasks include transportation, appointment scheduling, household tasks, shopping, online learning, light cleaning, meal prep, support with schoolwork, companionship, and more.  Caregiver Plus adheres to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for COVID-19 with procedural best practices. Pals present their user badge and confirmation of identity when the first visit takes place, and social distancing protocols are followed. Pals can also provide ‘assistance from distance’ through virtual and phone support.

In addition to the expanded Caregiver Plus program, Uprise Health newest online Parenting Peer Support Group is facilitated by certified specialists who are parents, and the groups provide an opportunity to discuss common parenting issues and how to deal with them. Participants get support with issues that may include homeschooling or remote learning, juggling the demands of parenting and working from home, or questions about being a new or single parent. These groups are offered as part of the core EAP services at no charge, and confidential access is available by computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Uprise Health has been providing EAP and Behavioral Health services for over 30 years. Their mission is to ensure all clients, ranging in size from small, local employers to national companies, have rapid access to superior care for their employees, members and dependents when and where they need it. Even during these times of uncertainty, Uprise Health and all their associates remain focused on the health and safety for our community and members they serve.

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