Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer at Uprise Health, published an article in the February 2022 edition of HR Future. In the article “Combat the Great Resignation,” Melissa explains how there is a common “living to work” culture in the US workplace, which can make finding and supporting a healthy work-life balance hard. Because of the pandemic, changes in recent workplaces, and the Great Resignation, HR companies are finally able to really make big, impactful changes within their culture. She outlines three tips for HR to get creative with their company’s wellbeing strategy. 

Read on about how to: 

  • Ask difficult questions and treasure honest answers 
  • Build trust by demonstrating mentally healthy behavior 
  • Think of the total person 

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Better Understand Your Employees’ Needs 

If you’re looking for more information on how to overcome the Great Resignation and help improve your workplace culture, download our Are You Listening report. For this report, we surveyed 1,100+ employees to better understand the quality and effectiveness of mental health and wellbeing support that their receiving currently and what their employers could improve the health, happiness, stability, and productivity at work.