World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2021, raised awareness of mental health issues around the world. In the months leading up to World Mental Health Day, we unified 8 organizations and rebranded to become Uprise Health. We connected impactful EAP, chronic care and mental health management services to focus on the powerful link between mind and body. Uprise Health has invested heavily in solutions to better address a broader, more complex set of mental health needs and unveiled our robust digital mental health offering. Together, our support solutions care for the total person and focus on how physical and mental disorders overlap, and how treatment between clinicians needs to be well-coordinated with clinically validated technology and appropriate timely care.

In the spirit of World Mental Health Day to transform and expand mental health awareness, Uprise Health launched our Mental Health Matters blog series. Uprise Health leaders shared their expertise and perspective on creating workplaces that value mental health and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality. Our featured series explores the building blocks of culture, including shaping organizations that promote the mental health and wellbeing of their teams.

Building a Cultural Urgency

Mike Nolte, Chief Executive Officer – The number of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, substance use, and thoughts of suicide has nearly doubled compared to pre-pandemic estimates. Mike Nolte shares his insights and approach to leading change and building a distinctive culture while navigating a complex market environment.

5 ways to Innovate Digital Mental Healthcare

Jay Spence, Chief Product Officer – The latest evidence-based digital therapies, data science and technology are leading the way for a different approach to mental health care. Dr. Jay Spence shares his insights as a leader in mental health technology and digital solutions on how innovation in this space will revolutionize the way Uprise Health cares for members.

The Great Resignation: How to engage and retain your people

Melissa Dexter, Chief People Officer – The pandemic has been a crucial inflection point for Americans’ attitudes toward work with the rise of the Great Resignation. Melissa shares her insights as a leader in mental health human resources and digital solutions navigating the current environment and building the blueprint for the wellbeing strategy at Uprise Health.

4 ways to Improve Care for the Total Person

Alison Dipilla, Chief Operations Officer  – It is well known that physical and mental health are connected. More complex chronic conditions are likely to emerge when there is a prevalence of mental health issues and physical health risk factors. Alison shares her insights as a leader for the clinical team and provider network on how integrated care improves member experience and outcomes.

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