Uprise Health Launch Kit

A Guide to Implementing Uprise Health

This resource page is designed to help you launch an Uprise Health program at your organization and achieve your business goals.

Technology-driven mental health care with a human touch.

Implementation Timeline 


  • Two weeks prior to the program start date, you will receive an email reminder to complete the following steps:
    • Download and send this teaser email to employees prior to program launch.
    • Post information on your intranet or around the office.
    • Update information in your new hire orientation or packets.

Ongoing Engagement

  • Offer all employees work-life services, the work-life resource portal, crisis contact information, counseling sessions, and group session information.
  • Send this reminder email to re-engage employees each quarter.
  • Promote the program using our Monthly Wellbeing Tips Newsletter for your employees on different wellbeing topics.
    • We send the newsletters to workplace leaders at the start of every month, and they should send the newsletter along to all employees.
  • Employees can attend Monthly Uprise Wellbeing Webinars for free.
    • We send monthly invitations and reminders to workplace leaders at the start of every month, and they should send the invitations along to all employees.
  • Track your impact on staff wellbeing with the Reporting Dashboard.
  • At renewal time, we have two additional reminder emails that you can use to remind members about EAP access and re-engage them in our services.


  • Promote the program with this launch email.
  • Share the access code for your employees to use the program – it is critical that employees have their access code to access Uprise Health information and services.
    • Your unique digital access code was sent in the Welcome to Uprise Health email you received after the contract was signed.
  • Promote the program using the flyers found below. Promotion ideas include:
    • Print the flyer at a poster size and place in visible areas of your office, if applicable.
    • Send the flyer as a PDF to emails if your company communicates frequently by email.
    • Share the flyer on any internal communication platform.
    • Place a copy of the flyer on everyone’s desk or physical inbox, if applicable.

Suggested Utilization for Employees

Employees are encouraged to use resources regularly to help with both personal and work issues, reduce stress level, and get assistance to your family.

Monthly Resources

Read through our monthly newsletter and watch monthly webinar.

Legal and Financial

Access our comprehensive resources or reach out for consultations.

Crisis Support

If experiencing a crisis, reach out to our staff counselor for immediate support.

Accessing and Getting to Know Uprise Health Services

Member Portal

Our Member Portal is a very important resource for you and your employees. This is how our members will get started using our services and solutions. In your member portal, you can view specific details about your company’s plan and access links to work-life services, help line, and resource library. Essentially, it’s your gateway to Uprise Health. For this page, all employees need to have the user access code that is sent in the Welcome to Uprise Health email.

Resource Library about Uprise Health Services

We have a resource library for you and your employees to use whenever you need information about Uprise Health services and solutions. Your resource hub includes detailed information on what services and solutions Uprise Health provides and how to use them. You can also find supervisor and management support materials, and flyers about Uprise Health to share with your employees.

Highlighted Resources in the Resource Library

Onboarding Information

Supervisor EAP Welcome Kit for Traditional EAP

Supervisor EAP Welcome Kit for Traditional EAP

A comprehensive guide to Uprise Health Traditional EAP ...
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Resources to Share with Employees

Video - Member Orientation for Traditional EAP*

Video – Member Orientation for Traditional EAP*

An introductory video introducing Traditional EAP to new members ...
View Now
PDF - Uprise Health EAP and Work Life Services Overview

PDF – Uprise Health EAP and Work Life Services Overview

A brief overview of the EAP and work-life services from Uprise Health ...
View Now
PDF - EAP Counseling

PDF – EAP Counseling

The EAP offers short-term counseling to help you navigate a variety of life’s challenges ...
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PDF - 2022 Content Calendar

PDF – 2022 Content Calendar

A calendar detailing the upcoming topics for newsletters, webinars, and more ...
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PDF - Financial and Legal Services*

PDF – Financial and Legal Services*

A brief overview covering the financial and legal services available within the EAP ...
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PDF - Adult and Eldercare Support*

PDF – Adult and Eldercare Support*

A brief overview covering the adult and eldercare support available within the EAP ...
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PDF - Child and Parenting Support*

PDF – Child and Parenting Support*

A brief overview covering the child and parenting support available within the EAP ...
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*Spanish Versions Available

Engaging with our Services

You and your employees should access Uprise Health pages directly or through the member resource page. Here is what you can find on your member access page (or bookmark directly). Just make sure you have your access code handy!

Work-Life Resources

The work-life resources portal provides members with a wealth of additional work-life services covering financial help, child and parenting support, legal services, adult and eldercare resources, online legal forms, and more. The Work-Life portal uses the same access code as the member page.

Access to Recorded Webinars

Available to all Uprise Health clients and employees. Live webinar invitations will be sent to your designated company contact. To add another contact, please email marketing@uprisehealth.com.

Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

To access your detailed data insights that include information on utilization and trends within your workforce, sign into the Analytics and Reporting Dashboard. This anonymized and aggregated dashboard provides case information, service information, utilization rate, summaries of problem topics, and more.